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Watch out, they can be faked!

Be Careful! Elf Bars can be faked. Be responsible and purchase from reliable sources. Buy only original high quality products. - MyPods Europe.

Elf Bar 3600

The extremely popular and sought-after products, made in high quality by leading manufacturers, unfortunately often become victims of counterfeiting, and unscrupulous manufacturers and retailers are trying to flood the market with uncontrolled counterfeits.

These fake products cause damage not only to the original manufacturer but

uncontrolled and poor quality vapes can also be extremely harmful for the health of the consumers!

Due to the occasionally leaking tanks, faulty batteries, and uncontrolled e-liquid content in counterfeit devices, they pose such a risk to customers and consumers that we do not recommend anyone to risk.

That is why our company is committed not only to quality, but also to originality, so you will only find 100% original Elf Bars in our products.

Say no to the lame, fake and dangerous, don’t risk your health because of some greedy traders!

You can easily ensure the authenticity of a product:

The authenticity of an Elf Bar can also be ascertained from its packaging. There are two ways to check this:


One sign that you hold a fake vape in your hand might be a barcode on the box. On Elf Bar products, there is a relatively simple, single EAN barcode located on the side of the box next to the holographic sticker.

Authenticity QR code label

Another telltale sign could be an authentication QR code.

QR code:

Look for the QR code sticker, then go to the Elf Bar verification page and enter the series of numbers below the QR code, or simply scan it to be automatically verified by the system.

If the entered QR code shows a red “WARNING” sign, the product is fake and dangerous. It is not recommended to use them under any circumstances!

Watch out the video

It is very important for us to sell only 100% original Elf Bar products.

We consider the problem of counterfeit products very serious and our goal is that our customers should be well aware of all the information and dangers so that they can make the best decisions.

At MyPods Europe, our aim is to make the EU smoke-free, and to put our customers at the center of everything we do.

We want everyone to enjoy the safest and most pleasurable vape experience, therefore we only sell genuine, premium products that we purchase directly from manufacturers and authorized distributors.

You too be responsible and buy only from reliable sources. Protect yourself from the poor quality, dangerous products of counterfeiters!


Look around us and find the one that suits you

Choose from plenty of exciting flavors to find the product that best suits your taste and style. You will only find 100% original Elf Bars in our offer.

You can choose from plenty of flavors, packaging and designs at the best prices. Take a look at our products:


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