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  • Under what circumstances can I buy from MyPods?

Most of our products contain nicotine, so you must be legally an adult over 18 years of age to buy from us. And because of the nature of our products, the regulations are different in each country, so it is the responsibility of the customer to comply with them.

  • Do our products require cleaning?

Our products do not require any cleaning, just open the hygienically sealed packaging, remove the protective valves and you can enjoy the taste combinations of your choice!

  • Are the products water resistant?

Unfortunately, our products are not waterproof, but that doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy your beloved products on a rainy day! A drop of water won't damage it, but dropping it into water will. However, it should be protected from washing and prolonged contact with water!

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a guarantee on water damaged devices!

  • What packaging does the product come in?

The products are packed in a QR code box with a certificate of authenticity. The box contains the (Elf Bar/HQD) itself in a hygienically sealed pouch. To avoid any possible damage during transport, the products are wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in envelope/box for our customers!

  • How do I know if my device is worn out?

Our products are single-use, disposable products, so their capacity is largely dependent on the usage. If no more smoke is coming out when you use it, it means the liquid has run out or the the battery is dead. If the liquid runs out, or if you feel that the smoke tastes burnt, then your product is no longer usable. Please dispose used products as hazardous waste!

  • I am ordering as a gift, how discreet is the packaging?

We will ensure that our packaging is completely discreet, we will not display any detail so there is no reason why you can't surprise a loved one with one of our products!

  • What kind of guarantee do I have on the ordered products?
Due to the nature of our products, the guarantee is only valid in certain cases:
- liquid spilled during transport, the product is unusable
- the product works without use
- the product does not charge
- it does not work immediately after unpacking (if it is a non-rechargeable product)
You can report the fault within 48 HOURS after receiving the package by sending us your orderID.
IMPORTANT: Once the 48 HOURS have elapsed, we are not able to accept any complaints or claims about the products!
If the complaint is accepted, you can choose the value of your defective product based on our current stock! All of the above criteria must be met in order for a complaint to be accepted.


  • I want to make a purchase, what are the possible payment methods?

We offer online payment by credit card in our webshop, as well as cash on delivery. You have the option to pay cash or by credit card at the courier. (in many countries there is no possibility to order with Cash On Delivery - COD) Payment by credit card is secure thanks to our SSL certificate and Borgun/ Cardpay system ensures that your site is secure and safe.

Transfer or other payment methods are currently not available in our webshop!

  • Do I have any payment obligations or duty (tax or customs clearance) after I paid my order?

You can order from any country within the European Union (with the exception of Finland), and of course no additional payment is required under the common market obligation, as our products are custom cleared after the entry into the European Union.

  •  I have a problem with my order but I have paid in advance, what should I do?

If you find that you have paid in advance but have not received an email confirmation, feel free to contact us by email ( if necessary, we will refund your order within 14 days to the account number you provided!

  • My payment was unsuccessful, can I settle the amount afterwards?

You cannot settle your order afterwards if it has not been paid, please place a new order!

  • How are the parcels delivered?

After we confirm your order, we will process it within 24 hours and send it to the courier service. It takes approximately 2-5 working days for delivery. Delivery times may vary from courier to courier! All incoming orders are immediately assigned to a tracking number, which is for tracking your parcel on the courier's website!

If the delivery fails for any reason (e.g.: you were not home when the delivery occurred), you have the possibility to contact the courier service and agree on a new delivery date.

  • I want to return my parcel, how can I do that?

If for any reason you want to return your parcel, please contact us immediately via email!

IMPORTANT: Returns are always at your own expense!



  • My order has not arrived, what should I do?

Our team tries to pack all orders as soon as possible, but delays may occur so please be patient! However, if you have a delay please contact us by email (

  • I would like to change my delivery address/order details, who can I contact?

Orders are assigned to tracking numbers and labeled almost immediately after order placement (within a couple of minutes), thus it is almost impossible to update any detail of your order in time. However, you can contact the courier customer service using your package ID, where they will help you change your details.

  • I was not at home when it was delivered, what can I do?

We are not responsible for the delivery of products, so you will always need to contact the courier service! All orders are assigned with tracking numbers, with which you can follow your parcel (on the specific courier’s website that you choose when you placed your order). If the delivery is unsuccessful, the courier service will keep your parcel for a few days, so you have the opportunity to make an appointment for delivery.

If the delivery is still unsuccessful and the courier returns your items, we will not be able to deliver it again! If you pay in advance, we will of course refund the price of your products (but not the delivery costs).

If you have any further questions, please contact us via e-mail!

  • I received a faulty product, how can I exchange it? 

If you find a faulty product, you have 48 hours from delivery to report it to us by email with photo or video documentation!  The documentation must include: a video of the defect, and pictures of all sides of the product packaging.


The warranty is only valid if we receive all the mandatory documentation. If this is not possible on your part, we reserve the right to refuse! Please make sure that all necessary documents are attached!

We cannot offer guarantee for products purchased in bulk orders, as soon as our bulk discount is deducted from your shopping cart, the guarantee is not acceptable or valid! We kindly ask everyone to try all disposable items after the package arrives.

  • My parcel arrived with missing products, what should I do?

Of course, if you realised that your order has arrived incomplete, please contact us immediately. If you notice this at the time of delivery (e.g.: open package, damaged packaging or any other disorder), please do not accept the parcel and report the problem to us immediately. 

You have 48 hours to report the damage or missing product(s) to us, with photo documentation. (The documentation must include: pictures of all sides of the package/box and of the products received.)

If your complaint/report was accepted by us, we will automatically create an order for you free of charge, with the products which have not been dispatched due to our mistake!



  • How can I find out about restock as soon as possible?

We try to keep our customers regularly informed about upcoming restocks, and our team highly recommends you to subscribe to our newsletter, which will immediately send you an email when your desired products arrive!  Also follow us on our social media platforms where we are actively present and where we have exciting news and giveaways for you!

  • Information about bulk purchases!

Our team is open to all new collaborations without any expectations, so we prepared something for our resellers, wholesalers! On our site, under the "Wholesale" title you will find the volume discounts that our system automatically credits for you, in case of bulk purchase! The quantity discount is available for anyone who purchases above the minimum order quantity.

If you would like to purchase above the maximum limit, please contact us at!

  • If I have further questions, who can I contact?

Our customer service is available Monday-Friday 8:00-17:00, feel free to contact us via email ( To receive a response sooner, please include your order ID and the reason for your message in the subject line! Our social media platforms are representative, therefore we do not reply due to their difficult transparency, so please contact us via email, in all cases!


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